Introducing the Generic Robot Platform

The revolutionary design of this robotic platform with a load-carrying capacity around 8Kg, unrestricted movement in two dimensions, excellent traction plus other innovative features, and priced under $4,000, makes it an exciting commercial proposition.

Listed below are some of the key elements of the design specification...

  • Four-wheel-drive – Good traction
  • Complete freedom to move unrestricted in two dimensions
  • Reasonable load-carrying capacity
  • Battery-life around two hours for normal workload
  • Remote control range up to a kilometer
  • Interchangeable XBee communication-modules to suit various requirements
  • Off-the-shelf controller, or one specifically designed for Crab-Bot
  • Compact design with low profile
  • Simple method of attachment for third-party add-on modules
  • Core electronics are Arduino based, and driven by popular open-source software
  • Easy maintenance and ready availability of replacement parts
  • Simple assembly – potential to sell to educational institutions in kit form

The following video shows the CRAB-BOT mechanism, and partially reveals many of the design techniques.

The video file is rather large, and if there are viewing problems, download the MP4 file and run on a local device.

We hope this helped in understanding the CRAB-BOT system, and appreciating that it is certainly not the trivial device that the bland exterior might suggest.